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SST (First Aid at Work)
REFRESHER (Maintenance and Updating of Skills)

OHS training in Lyon and PARIS (Occupational Health and Safety): train to be ready to save lives

In business or in everyday life, every day, people find themselves victims of illness or an accident. Simple gestures, which cannot be improvised, must be perfectly executed. The objective: to save lives or avoid serious after-effects. What if it happened before your eyes? Would you be able to adopt the right reflexes? Can you keep calm and behave in a way that will protect you and the people around you?

Why choose in-company training to train your first aiders?

Carry out OHS training directly in the workplace (whether your business is in Lyon Paris or throughout France) allows realistic scenarios.

Financially the operation is profitable as soon as 4 trainees are registered.
You can register up to 10 employees, the rate remains unchanged.
Don't wait any longer to train your teams!

Because life is precious and because every employer is responsible for the safety of its employees. Therefore, any company, regardless of sector of activity, has a duty to put in place a suitable emergency system. But we don’t improvise as first aiders. So, bad gestures or too long a reaction time can have disastrous consequences. Knowledge and techniques must therefore be acquired upstream. This is why OHS training was put in place.

Furthermore, it is no secret: workplace accidents are costly for companies (health insurance contributions, hiring of a temporary worker or replacement, training of the latter, reduction in production while waiting for the return of the injured employee, etc.). It is therefore wise for companies to train several people in workplace rescue and first aid. These trained people participate fully and actively in risk prevention within the company. They can save lives! So, whether from a managerial, health or employee safety point of view, training your employees in OHS is beneficial and necessary.

The objective of the training First aid at work is to be able to quickly provide assistance to any victim of a work-related accident or illness and to prevent the risk of accidents in the company.

As you can see, this training is very useful both professionally and personally. A trained person who knows how to identify the dangers around them will reduce the risk of accidents in their home and will be much more reactive in case of an emergency. They will have the skills to protect themselves, others, and alert emergency services while assisting someone on the street, at work, or in the family.

This certification training is carried out over 2 days, renewable every 2 years in order to maintain and update the acquired skills. At the end of the training, the first aider is able to identify potential risks in the environment and to intervene effectively in case of an accident. Future first aiders also become familiar with the use of sensitive equipment such as the defibrillator and the fire extinguisher. Because they are trained effectively, they know how to remain calm in emergency situations, learn how to alert the appropriate services, examine the victim, provide first aid (cardiac massage, lateral position of safety, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation) while waiting for the arrival of organized help and protect the accident site.

  • As you will have understood, any employee can become a workplace first aid worker, without any particular prerequisites. This training is thus sanctioned by a professional accreditation certificate issued by the competent training organization. The training is provided by professionals with experience in the security field. It is generally carried out in small groups of 4 to 10 people to facilitate the practice of safety exercises. Communication between the speaker and the learners is also facilitated.

Area of Competence 1

✓ Role of the SST in the company's emergency organization.
✓ Protecting the victim and others
✓ Examine the victim
✓ Ensure that emergency responders are alerted quickly and as close to the victim as possible
✓ Rescue the victim in an appropriate manner

Area of Competence 2

✓ Understand and perform your role as a SST.
✓ Characterize occupational hazards in a work situation.
✓ Participate in the control of occupational risks through preventive actions

Teaching methods

✓ Feedback
✓ Practical demonstrations
✓ Simulations and role-playing

Teaching means

✓ Manikins
✓ Defibrillator
✓ Other equipment

Length of the training

SST: 14 h (2 d)
SST REFRESHER : 7 h (1 d)

Concerned public



Read, write and speak English.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to organize electrical certification training in another language.


Certificate of First Aid at Work

Period of validity

The initial training is valid for 2 years. Refresher courses are scheduled at intervals of no more than 2 years.

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