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A Lyon-based training organization with Qualiopi certification, we carry out NFC 15-100 training sessions in Lyon and Paris on an inter-company basis. However, our trainers cover the national territory, so we carry out training sessions on request at your premises throughout France.

Some reasons to do the NFC 15-100 training with us:

You must design or renovate low voltage installations, you must know and understand how to apply the NFC 15-100 standard. Our mission is to help you understand the main aspects of the standard. This way you will understand what is mandatory, recommended, or optional. You can then, without departing from the standard, create the most functional circuits possible while respecting costs.

The NFC 15-100 standard applies to low voltage installations. Mainly concerned:

  • Buildings for residential use
  • Commercial buildings
  • Establishments open to the public (ERP)
  • Industrial facilities
  • Agricultural and horticultural facilities
  • Prefabricated buildings
  • Campgrounds and similar facilities
  • Construction sites, funfairs, fairs, exhibitions and other temporary installations
  • Marinas
  • Public or private lighting installations
  • Low voltage production facilities

You are looking for training that meets your needs. This is our goal too. Going over each point of the standard in detail will rarely be useful and would require much more than 3 days of training. Our trainers therefore systematically analyze the activity of the trainees in order to adapt the content of the training, both the theoretical part and the case studies and exercises. Furthermore, we offer an analysis of the situation before the training, so that it precisely targets your areas of work.

Designing according to the NFC 15-100 standard cannot be improvised. We broke it down to extract the elementary principles. The technical background of our trainers combined with their pedagogy allows the trainee to understand the logic behind each recommendation of the standard.

At Watt Else Training, we go straight to the point, thanks to reduced structural costs, we are able to offer you high-end French electrical accreditation training at the best price.

The areas below are not strictly subject to NFC 15-100. However, the principles of the standards will be useful for a design 
  • Electric traction equipment
  • Automotive electrical equipment;quipements électriques des automobiles ;
  • Electrical installations of caravans and leisure vehicles;
  • Electrical installations on board ships, fixed and mobile platforms at sea;
  • Electrical installations on board aircraft;
  • Installations in mines and quarries;
  • Equipment for reducing radio interference,
  • Electric fences: NF C 15-140
  • Lightning rod installations for buildings: NF C 17-100 and NF C 17-102

Learn more about training for the NFC 15-100 standard

Depending on requests, we will go into more or less detail on these points linked to NFC 15-100. As the training is tailored to your needs, no two training courses will be identical in terms of content. However, here are some of the themes that can be covered:

  • Regulation
  • Swtichgear
  • External influences
  • Equipotential bonding
  • Ground Bonding Schemes (SLT)
  • Reactive power
  • Harmonics
  • Power assessments
  • Choice of electrical source
  • Cable section
  • Voltage drop
  • Breaking capacity
  • Selectivity
  • French electrical accreditation

NF   C 15-100 (02/12): updated in 2005 and amendments 1 to 5 (07/01/2015)

UTE C 15-103 (3/04) GP – Choice of electrical equipment – ​​external influences

UTE C 15-105 (7/03) GP – Determination of conductor and protection sections

UTE C 15-106 (12/03) GP – Sections of protective conductors, & equipment connection.

NF C 15-150-1 (01/02) LV signs and LV powered HT signs (known as neon tube signs)

NF C 15-150-2 (04/03) + A1 (7/04) Discharge signs > 1 KV and < 10 KV – Part 1

UTE C 15-150-23 (10/01 + correction 08/02) Discharge light tube support.

UTE C 15-201 (6/04) GP – Electrical installations of large kitchens.

NF C 15-211 (8/06) Premises for medical use. (MIJ 2017)

UTE C 15-401 (1/04) GP – Generators

UTE C 15-402 (11/04) GP – Static type uninterruptible power supply (ASI)

UTE C 15-421 (06/04) GP – Installations powered between 100 and 400 Hz.

UTE C 15-443 (8/04) GP – Overvoltages of atmospheric origin – lightning arresters.

UTE C 15-520 (7/07) GP – Electrical conduits – Installation methods – Connections.

UTE C 15-559 (11/06) GP – Very low voltage lighting installation.

NF C 16-600 (7/17) Conditions of electrical installations

UTE C 15-755 (2/05) GP – Electrical installations of different origins in the same premises and whose operations are placed under different responsibilities

C 15-801 (5/09) MIJ 6/12 – Furniture products including electrical equipment

UTE C 15-900 (3/06) GP – Cohabitation of communication and energy networks

Learn more about our NFC 15-100 Training:

In accordance with the standard in force, our trainers have significant field experience, in which they will have had the opportunity to put into practice the basic principles of electrical safety.

In addition, they all have the teaching skills allowing them, among other things, to transmit knowledge, manage a group, ensure the safety of the group during scenarios.

Whether NFC 15-100 training is carried out intra- or inter-company, we provide learners with a training site allowing them to put into practice the knowledge just exchanged by the trainer. NFC 15-100 training is enhanced with videos, sharing of experiences and real case studies.

The content of the training is adapted to the real needs of the trainees, thus maximizing their involvement and the benefit.

Electrical accreditation training courses offered in Lyon and Paris at the following addresses:

  • Lyon:

1 Rue Jules Serval, 69200 Vénissieux

  • Paris:

4 Rue des Cévennes, 94150 Rungis

  • In your premises:

Without geographical limits

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