Training BR B2V BC BE TEST Accreditation
Low Voltage : BR / B2V / BC / BE test
High Voltage: H0V

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This electrical certification training can be carried out intra (on your premises) or inter-company (in one of our training centers). The theoretical part of the program can be carried out remotely via a videoconference tool.

Target audience


This training in electrical accreditation is mainly aimed at trained and/or professional electricians, carrying out operations (works, repairs, interventions) on industrial or domestic electrical installations.

The NFC 18-510 standard specifies that the employee can be considered as an "electrician" if he has followed an electrician course or if he has benefited from individual training in the form of tutoring by a qualified electrician within the company.


Identify electrical hazard
Understand the risks
To protect oneself (PPE, CPE, etc.)
React in the event of an accident
React in the event of a fire

Length of the training

Initial training BR B2V BC BE Tests H0V: 21 h (3 d)
BR B2V BC BE Test H0V refresher course: 10.5 h (1.5 d)

Period of validity

The initial training is valid for 3 years. Retraining is scheduled at maximum intervals of 3 years.


In accordance with the French standard NFC 18-510, at the end of the training, the trainee receives a certificate of success allowing the employer to validate the electrical accreditation titles.


Read, write and speak English.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to organize electrical certification training in another language.

B1 or B1V grade: Performing electrician personnel.

B2 or B2V grade: Electrician personnel in charge of the work.

BC grade: Electrician personnel in charge of lock-out.

BR grade: Electrician personnel carrying out interventions and repairs.

BE Tests grade: Electrical personnel responsible for electrical tests in the laboratory.

H0V grade: All personnel carrying out operations in the vicinity of an electrical environment containing high voltage.


When registering, the trainee or the employer specifies the nature of his electrical activities and the levels of accreditation expected. In case of doubt, we are here to support you and guide you towards the appropriate training and the appropriate accreditation titles. At the end of the training, the trainee who has passed the theoretical and practical tests will receive a certificate validating the levels acquired.

Basics Electrical Concepts:

✓Circuit and Electrical Current

✓Scale of electrical quantities

✓Voltage domains

Electrical Hazards:

✓Types of electrical incidents and accidents

✓Consequences on the equipment

✓Effects on the human body

Vicinity areas and operations at risk:

✓Different vicinity zones

✓Types of interventions

✓Securing the working area

Means of protection:


✓Lock Out

✓ Conduct and actions to take

Electrical accreditation B2V BR BC BE tests H0V:

✓Principles and symbols

✓Device Types

✓Permitted maneuvers and role of each person involved

Regulatory follow-up:

✓Applicable documents

✓Report of the operation

  • Qualified trainer according to the NFC 18-510 standard.
  • Work-school, scenarios.
  • Interactive course support, promoting learning through exchange and sharing of experience.

The candidate's success is based on an assessment of theoretical knowledge as well as a series of practical testing.

  • Labor Code, articles R4544-9 and R4544-10
  • NFC 18-510 standard
  • NFC 18-550 standard (Electric vehicles and machines)

The employer:

He analyzes the risks associated with the activities of his employees and provides them with a prescription booklet reminding them of the risks induced as part of their missions, in this case electrical risk. He trains or has his employees trained and issues them with the appropriate accreditations.

The accredited employee:

Knows how to identify the electrical danger in situ and put in place the appropriate means of prevention.

The trainer:

He provides the employee with additional theoretical and practical knowledge. He recommends to the employer a level of authorization if the employee has achieved the objectives or suggests an upgrade if necessary.

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